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Endeavor with us, to discover, experience, and enjoy a higher STANDARD in professional property management services.

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The Mission: Setting the Standard

The mission of The Standard Management Services is to set the standard and be the standard by which all others are compared in professional property management services by constantly improving the quality of the services provided and anticipating a client’s needs through innovative and creative systems and client-specific management services. It is because of our commitment to this mission, the consistency of our service, and the mutual success of our client properties that several client properties have been with us since 1995, even before The Standard Management Services was formed in 2003. Any of our client references and vendors would be happy to testify concerning the quality and consistency of our service. Our services are of even greater value because The Standard Management Services regularly invests in its professional staff and the latest, most-advanced technology. To maximize this investment and increase the value of the services we provide we are regularly trained to use this technology and participate in and hold memberships in various professional organizations. Despite the experience, hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication of the team of management professionals and the loyalty of its impressive portfolio of client properties, providing this level of service with state-of-the art technology, and in close proximity to its client properties requires significant working capital and ongoing profit. We hope you will join us in our endeavor to discover, experience, and enjoy a new standard in complete property management services.

Service Value

The value of The Standard Management Services is more than just our competitive prices; it is also the money we can save you and the quality of service you receive. Unlike most things in life when “you get what you pay for,” with The Standard Management Services, you pay for what you get through our custom-designed management services. While our pricing is competitive, the maxim that “good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good” is most applicable for management services. All our charges are clearly outlined in our management agreements and various fees are set according to the custom-designed management program developed for the client property. There are no hidden charges, pooled services, double-charges, and all additional charges and fee-based and flat rate, hourly services are also disclosed in the management agreement. We’ve seen the greed of our competitors as they add on to third-party vendors’ invoices. What the vendor charges you is what you pay for…not a penny more.

Quality & Success

The only product The Standard Management Services has to offer is the service we provide. Our efforts result in higher standards of services, focused on serving the clients’ needs. As our services are viewed, so are we. Our service standard is doing it right the first time through professional management where service and quality are consistently measured by that standard and improved. Clients are the focus of everything we do and continuous improvement is essential to our growth and success.

Our Reputation: Clients & Portfolio

Since 2003, The Standard Management Services has maintained an extensive portfolio of diverse clients. The long-term relationships developed with our clients is a testimony of our dedication to professionally managing our portfolio. Some of our client properties have followed members of our staff for the last 20+ years; one-third of our portfolio have been with us for over 15 years with an average relationship of over 9 ½ years for all client properties.

For decades, year after year, despite mergers and acquisitions, both property owners and management professionals rotated among and through the portfolios of property management “legends” following their expectations of the highest standard of service available. Along with the great successes clients and property management professionals have enjoyed have come the defeats and disappointments when a property management firm falls below the standard. The clients who have been with us the longest were managed by us while working for property management companies who set the standard in their day. The majority of the portfolio of The Standard Management Services is composed of client properties introduced to us because of our reputation. With the experiences of the past and diligence and hard work today our team of professionals and the discerning clients who will join us in this endeavor will discover, experience, and enjoy a new standard in complete real estate services.

A Team of Professionals

The Standard Management Services is a team of property management professionals who are dedicated to service. These professionals are our most important assets because together they are our resource for providing our corporate intelligence and determining our growth, reputation, and success. Teamwork through involvement and mutual trust and respect are fundamental to our mission and crucial for the overall success of The Standard Management Services. We constantly look at the process as a source of problems and not individual team members. Our professionals enjoy working together to provide you innovative property management. With our collective experience and by identifying the needs and expectations of our client properties we organized The Standard Management Services into the following distinct areas of function:

Each client property is assigned a Portfolio Manager, the client’s primary contact person at The Standard Management Services, who is supported by other professionals.

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